By akward - / Friday 4 September 2009 17:36 / United States
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By  Macthenyfe  |  0

Maybe you should reassess your career options, you cradle robber

  blargity  |  0

i agree with #60 and she isn't necessarily a slut
#64 it could happen in real life too
#67 she's only interning and not really teaching
and she may have posted this when she was really tired or she doesn't care if she spell thing incorrectly and does know how to spell "awkward" and you're an judgmental assuming bastard

  rjrudman  |  0

You're going to a club with the same age group as someone (10+?) years younger than you?
If not, you're a slut, because there wouldn't have been alcohol in a club where a junior was admitted.

  miyon_fml  |  0

Not a FYL, Congrats - when I was 23 I hooked up with a 18 yr old. Damn that was good sex. And at 28 dated a 20 yr old, they can go on forever. And yes I'm a woman, so sure call me a slut. At least I enjoy live.
Anyone that sees something wrong with this, don't matter to me. All I know is you, sadly, missed out on some pontentially great sex.


She has horrible, horrible grammar skills. I wouldn't want this woman anywhere near an educational facility unless it's the hooked on phonics center for cradle-robbing super tramps and she is there as a student.

By  fmlette_fml  |  0

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  Ret_fml  |  0

Uh, no. I know tons of juniors that look old enough to get into clubs.
They're mostly girls though: tons of makeup and skimpy outfits usually does the trick.

  Frolly_fml  |  0

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Uhm, just so you know, if someone is 16 or older, they can have a partner up to 24 years of age. Juniors mostly start the year at 17, and people in their last years of college are usually 22.

  Finnboghi  |  0

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  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

Where I am, if someone is 16 the oldest partner they can have is 20 so it really depends where you are from, could be rape, could not be rape. And I would really like to meet this 13 year old junior... I knew a 13 year old freshman but thats normal-ish

  rwarlol  |  0

different states have different law. new york if you're 17 it's legal. some states if you're 16 you're not a minor anymore so it's ok. to me that's still young but i don't live there so whatever. for florida if he's 16 or 17 and you are 18-23 then it's legal.

  rwarlol  |  0

statutory rape doesn't cover just sex. getting on any base with a minor is illegal. like i said florida have 16 and over and under 23 so it's not illegal.

  DareToDream7  |  0

Exactly, juniors are also known as grade 11's in canada and I'm going into grade 11 this year, all of my friends are 16, I'm 15 but that's because I skipped a year. Juniors aren't 18 or 19, nor are they 13 or 14. But nice try.

By  Amysbodybetrayal  |  0

Lol, when I first read this I thought it said she "hooked up with him in high school" meaning he's been failing school all these years and she's seeing him again while she's a senior in college.

Anywaysss. Let's hope your internship doesn't require you to be around him too much. That would be quite the scandal if word got around that "the intern" hooked up with one of "the students."

By  rhcpfan  |  0

lmao, people u meet at clubs are hardly ever honest. maybe u shouldn't be so quick to jump into bed with someone u don't know. ...or...did u not have that talk about getting to know each other at all and it was like a one-night-stand thing? lol. i think you deserve it for being slutty, but at the same time FYL, too because you have to see him at school.

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