By atmac95 / Saturday 27 February 2010 21:28 / United States
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  pennywise37  |  0

Hmm , what's the problem here in simply asking your mom to use the computer, because you have stored your essay there? She would obviously let you use it, at least for printing it off.

  Danielt104  |  6

@#40 Most teachers expect papers to be typed. Chances are, he can only get credit for typing the paper. @OP, big deal. One page takes about 3 minutes to type.


This FML has been posted several times and it never goes well for the OP and I see them getting reamed for lack of preperation or something to that line. Also if you only had one page of eight done at the time of computor confiscation or deletion then you are not missing much work at all and could easily catch up elsware or just slap a bitch and get your computer back for the project and then surrender it. (Bitch being your mom)

  FMLowLife  |  0

That really fucking sucks... buy a laptop and she can't take away what you paid for! If you don't, tell her that she took away you essay on the computer and that your bad marks are because she always takes away your finished homework one day before it's due.

  awesomeooo3  |  0

Learn to read people, he (or she) hadn't only done one page, they had done 8 pages. There are 8 pages on the computer, and that would have taken a hell of a long time. If you read it properly, it doesn't say anywhere that he had only typed one page. It says that he doesn't even have one page now because he has none due to his mum taking the computer. This sounds like a definite FYL but the reason I am not saying FYL is that can't just explain the situation to your mum? Surely she will let you get the essay then. And she can even watch you print it off if she doesn't trust you. If not then FYL indeed.


#82 FML posts will inform you that this post was sent from a Mobile device and this one doe not say that. Unless there was something else that wouldn't register as a mobile device on FML.

  bebz_fml  |  0

Oh and #244, most people who post on FML don't post it on the exact date? Notice how they always have to start with today? No offence, but even if this was a fake, why should you care? They wrote it for our entertainment. Ungrateful much...

  crazycornn  |  0

you're an idiot. you can't say it's the OP's fault because they didn't prevent it from happening. it's like saying a bystander is guilty of a bank robbery for not preventig it.

  blueeyes24  |  0

Still though if he had already done all the research for the paper... it wouldn't be that hard to rewrite it. Even if it is supposed to be typed if you gave the teacher a hand written copy bc of "computer issues" you should at least get some credit.

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