By volleyballgirl / Sunday 28 February 2010 01:11 / United States
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  thor89  |  0

That might be hot unlesssss You put you're screen name is volleyballgirl but you're really a nasty old bald fat lo5er who wears tongs for boNer pleaser

Hey just saying O_o


us lacrosse players are also usually fit. very fit, I hate volleyball it's a weak sport of jumping and hitting a ball. big whoop. play a real sport and lay some motherfuckers out!

  tarheels1895  |  0

you try getting a ball thats being slammed down five feet infront of you to your setter, and then jumping and slamming it back, then tell me that volleyball is a weak sport.

  rixietrixie  |  25

So many people assume that by putting "lol" at the end of phrase, the vulgar context of said phrase is disregarded, meaning they can say anything...don't rely on assumptions

By  iampjman  |  0

yummy sounds súper sexy

By  blackcats31  |  0

this is exactly why I keep my spandex on all day before a game. lol

By  facingforeverr  |  0

be glad you were wearing any panties at all. one time i was in the locker room changing for gym class nd i forgot tht i wasnt wearing any panties...then i got 3 days ALC. and i was in the fucking LOCKER ROOM.

  RJB  |  0

Don't breed ever.

By  texas_justice  |  0

...wow, what if girls played volleyball in skimpy outfits. say... bra and panties, no... bikinis, damn that would be great! hey, what about outside? outside in the sun, in bikinis! I know, I know, the BEACH!

life would be so sweet if only...


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Today, my dad was looking for a flashlight in my bedroom. He trashed the place, which I'd just cleaned. Turns out the flashlight was in his bedroom. Then I got a 10 minute lecture on how I was such a slob and I should take more care of my bedroom. FML

By moonchic / Saturday 17 January 2015 01:47 / United States - Flushing

Today, I was performing in a play. One of my co-actors elbowed me right as I was taking a swig of my drink, causing me to fling cold tea into my face and all over the table. If that wasn't majestic enough, I had to keep acting in several more scenes with a wet tea stain in my crotch area. FML

By Grammer_Nazzi / Wednesday 18 May 2016 01:11 / New Zealand - Auckland
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