By lanikai610 / Wednesday 26 October 2011 18:35 / United States
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By  AnaBanana1918  |  7

And your grandma let you use Kleenex?

  christyxbee  |  15

Not quite my ass. Puffs plus lotion is the best replacement if you're talking kleenexes because they're thick and soft and have a fair amount of lotion in them. Suprised the gma didn't have Tucks or something though or like Scotty wipes for those hard times (pun not intended) which may have worked better than any Kleenex because they were meant to be used down there near that area... But even a napkin or a paper towel would have been better than a vapor rub Kleenex. I agree that OP should have felt/smelled that all too familiar smell before putting that down there but Jesus. Maybe you should do your gma a favor and just go purchase her some real TP instead of typing it all out on FML for us to read while she has the potential to suffer the same fate...? You know how gmas are sometimes with their thinking... Sometimes not always there, this doesn't really help your case, kinda just makes you look bad for not helping her get some if she was truly out!

  NinaTatianna  |  9

What? Why would it be way up there... she said she used it as toilet paper, not as a tampon... And no, actually it is not hard to wash off--unless youre unfamiliar with soap.

By  Feklfekl2222  |  32

Are you a guy or a girl?

By  Tanny91  |  0

You should switch her blood pressure with sugar pills, that will teach her lol

  Smidget1  |  0

I believe he meant to say switch her blood pressure pills with sugar pills, for those of u who didnt get it... And i also feel like that was an answer to one of the GOAT questions in Fallout 3... Just saying...


Today, I am 1,000 days sober and drug-free. I suffer from depression and I am craving terribly. I have a migraine and a bladder infection. And I can deal with all of this. But what I can't deal with is my dipshit coworker asking if I want to go out for drinks and snort cocaine to celebrate. FML

By Tattoo_Freak - / Friday 14 August 2015 11:08 / South Africa - Roodepoort
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