By Idiocracy - / Friday 24 April 2009 04:36 / United States
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Sadly, that's how upper management works these days. Everyone is stupid, just the stupider people make it up top.

By  24788

You don't have to be book smart to make millions. Street smarts goes a long way. Lucky maybe? Next time i'm working on my bad site I'll remember that I can put staples In a stapler.

That will teach ya not to go to school damnit. Now next time just sleep your way to the top like her and you'll go far!!!! :-D

Is this boss of your better than you at being: Nice, a people person, an excellent customer service representative, a leader, a businessman / businesswoman? How much longer has she worked there than you have? Is this stapler issue just an example of many similar problems she has, or is it just one thing out of thousands that she just somehow managed to miss out on? Sometimes people don't learn something small. That doesn't make them a bad boss, or their work as whole any less effective. Or are y

By  24788

8 my store manager makes 95k to 105k a year. Double that if the store goes 110% in an area. Not sure what it is exactly.

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