By anon - / Sunday 31 January 2016 21:38 / United States
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Unfortunately that may never happen, if they want their daughter to be going out with a woman beater they clearly aren't above ruining a perfectly good guys chances.


Your parents have serious issues OP. Make sure they have no information on nor access to your future boyfriend. Also, explain to your future boyfriend that your parents are insane, just in case. On a side note, kudos to getting out of the abusive relationship in the first place. Marriage isn't always the answer.


Precisely. A father is not rewarded that title, it is earned. By merely ejaculating sperm does not make that boy his son. He doesn't deserve him. OP, at this point I would suggest to not update your parents about your dating life (if it's really that terrible) because you honestly don't need them trying to disrupt your relationships. You deserve better than that.


I think you may be a little confused about biology... Yes, the simple act of ejaculating does indeed make him the father. Now if you mean, he's not a "dad", that would be more understandable. But biologically speaking, he is the father.

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Your parents need to stop being insensitive and irrational. You deserve someone who'll make you and your son happy. The fact that they want you get back together with your abusive ex is just incomprehensible to me

Not to be rude but are your parents aware of what he did? If they are I think you need to have a long talk with them about why you're never going back to him and that if they keep sabotaging your relationships then you may need to remove yourself from their lives for a little while.


Unfortunately, there are people out there who think this way. For instance, I'm half Italian, and they really like their traditions/religion. Divorce is a sin, and it took a real long time for my Aunty to finally have the courage to face both her abusive husband and her parents. They did come through though, be strong and persistent OP!


There are several people that do not give a shit of their child is being abused. People think that a kid's biological mother and father should be together even if one of them is a piece of shit.

You're doing the right thing OP. Hang in there. Maybe next time you have a relationship keep it behind closed doors for a little bit so that your partner realises who you are and doesn't give up no matter what your parents do. Best of luck!

They obviously don't care about your feelings, OP. Whether they know what your ex did or not, what they're doing is incrediblly childish and selfish. In your position, I would cut ties with them. With attitudes like that, they don't deserve to be in your or your son's lives. You deserve happiness, and if that's without your parents, so be it.

Maybe you need to try to cut them out of your life. Not respecting your choices is bad enough, let alone wanting you to be with an abuser. You are doing what's best for both you and your son by not being with him.


Yeah, its an ugly thing to have to say, but if your parents are willing to endanger you like this, you need to just walk away from them. This is abuse, pure and simple. They are taking your control away and putting you in danger to satisfy their own wants. I would say you should see if you can get them into family counseling, but if they want you back with a wife beater, that may be a lost cause. Good luck, OP and remember that you need to protect your son and yourself above anything else.

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