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aww as much as I love and respect the elderly, there should be a law that prohibits them from driving after a certain age.


It depends on what car you drive but it's possible. My friend and I tried that in a grocery store parking lot with his mini SUV years ago.


seriously they should. My neighbor is in his 90's and can't hear that well, and he's still driving! sometimes he forgets which house is his and he drives up and down the street until he finally "finds it".

What did he think of his parking afterwards? Was it one of those "Damn, that was a good park" moments? We all have those.

Omg! that's so sad that you would watch your poor grandpa make a fool of himself. what kind of person are you! your parents should be very proud of you,that they raised a dump inconsiderate child .


You realize that most parking attempts occur within a few seconds? It seems more likely op watched due to time constraints than being an inconsiderate douche.

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