By anon / Wednesday 21 November 2012 19:34 / United Kingdom - London
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By  mpsteve137  |  15

Knife one. Haha she's just bein a kid... I hope

  NzaHaFML  |  13

Lock the door at night... or distract her with a Justin Bieber shrine.

  frottiejoy  |  7

i dont know of a normal kid who is that enthusiastic about something like that. lame pun btw

  lilhellian  |  26

43 It's to be 'punny.' On a serious note. No "normal" child is like that. I would carry a taser and seek mental help for her!!

  Akharr01  |  5

Almost every kid is like that now a days.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

A lot of young kids imagine killing "bad guys". Remember those days when you played cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers? It's just exciting for them. Who didn't want to be Dirty Harry when they were 10 years old?

  starile  |  19

Cops and robbers? Cowboys and Indians? Who the hell is Dirty Harry? Your profile says you're 19 years old, but I'm thinking more like 79 years old. No kids play those games anymore, it's all video games and superheroes on TV. Growing up, we pretended to be Power Rangers.

  rahulcool7  |  14

What if their is a new FML tomorrow and OP is like my little sister tried to kill me FML

  tehcyberman  |  9

She probably was... kids are capable of humor, guys. Granted the fact that the one thing that motivated OP's sister was murder is a little unsettling, but it's highly unlikely that she will actually attempt to kill OP.

By  TalkinSmack  |  6

I guess u will have to kill her first lol

By  copo37  |  7

Might wanna go to the kitchen and hide all the knives you can get a hold of. You could also go find a nice shovel or pick axe and when she comes for you with a knife, just hold up your gardening tool of choice and say, " are you sure you wanna play this game?"

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