By theDarkandtheLight - / Thursday 8 June 2017 23:53 /
FML - The follow-up
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Hi everyone, and thanks for the comments! It's actually an adult community band for people to just have an outlet without the stress or ability requirement of a higher level ensemble. We were both fairly new to the group. The guy in question is a middle-aged principal software engineer who is an amateur musician, while I am a first-year music teacher with a master's degree. Why I'm not in a professional...
By cacheson - / Wednesday 5 April 2017 00:29 /
By Brokebitch2017 - / Friday 24 February 2017 00:41 /

Today, I was unable to connect to the Internet. After calling support, I was informed that due to a cut cable, the whole country will have no service from that provider for some time. The. Whole. Country. FML

By How can you f*** up that bad!? - / Thursday 16 February 2017 22:22 / Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
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