By ehwat - / Thursday 26 November 2009 05:31 / United States
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  Trevv  |  0

@1 at least you tried it. OP seems unwilling. Remember kids, don't knock it till you've tried it! Of course, don't do anything sexual until you're legally old enough....

  Myntee  |  0

tell him for your present he has to lick your ass hole.
also awesome, and great way to loosen it up for dick :)

  bmxx  |  0

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No anal just simply shouldn't really be done. Or at least not very much. The rectum isn't like the vag, it can't just expand to fit. There's been cases when people who preformed anal excessively essential destroyed the muscles in their rectum. So in short it's fun for you because you like that I guess....but pretty much terrible for any female(only males have a prostate so can recurve pleasure taking it)

By  maria101  |  0

haha dont do it or u'll shit improperly for the rest of ur life=p

By  life_goes_onnn  |  0

LOL 1st time 5th comment wheee ;)

By  life_goes_onnn  |  0

LOL WHEEE 1st time 5th comment ;)

  Rubybabeexx  |  0

agree with #118

By  Mortanious  |  0

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  White667  |  0

Why would he think she wouldn't be into it?

Also, it's Christmas, they're dating, if she can't afford a present it was just going to end in a blowjob anyway.

  Thabb  |  0

YDI for not having money.


Not all relationships are like that. My boyfriend would never say something vulgar like that. He would just ask for a kiss or a hug or something. Not everything has to be about sex.

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