By Urgghh - / Thursday 16 May 2013 21:36 / United Kingdom - London
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By  perdix  |  29

I'll never understand guys who have flat-chested girlfriends joking or complaining of their lack of boobage. If that bothers you so much, don't go out with her. Otherwise, shut your stupid mouth and love her for everything else.

By  raytyler26  |  16

Does he have bigger ones?

  ShyAnn29  |  14

Good attempt at a joke!

By  sabrinaacrow  |  26

I'm sure he's joking, don't worry about it :)

  MyNameIsViet  |  15

Or replace "kick his junk until it swells" with "give him some Viagra"

By  BntyHntrSeattle  |  30

Scratch at his nipple in bed while he sleeps and say, "Oops I missed. Your tits are just so big I got confused." Maybe that'll show him.

By  EvilUndead  |  9

Look, regardless of your breast size, he's with you. Think about it.

By  LaLa_xo  |  14

That was really insensitive of him. Tell him how his rude comment made you feel. Maybe you're better off with someone else.

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

ermahgerdddd hi perdix!

By  shadowedpixie  |  19

Ugh. My mosquito bites swell up like that too. I feel your pain.

And that was really a terrible thing for your boyfriend to say. I hope you let him know that that was wrong. Sorry, OP.

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