Today, I found out that my wife is having an affair with the same guy my ex-wife left me for. FML

By Anonymous - / Monday 6 May 2013 18:13 / Ireland - Kilmacrennan
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  TheOrangeProon  |  13

Wow indeed, that guy must really have some game, good for him. What do you mean I missed the point?

  JoeGrant  |  12

No matter how ignorant or stupid you may see someone's comment, don't ever tell them to kill themselves. It's just as immature and stupid, if not more, than the original comment you disliked.


There should also be a button to really let the op now that he/she got what he/she deserved. Like a, IWYF, it was your fault button. If only...

  garrett1999o3  |  16

Wouldn't just be easyier to just hit the your life sucks bar and get over it?

  gurly98  |  13

Right because that I the best solution to any marriage problem, especially when the wife is gong to be a filthy liar in the process

  EVnIAS  |  13

I don't get how they are liking #7 and hating on #44. I would kick the guys ass who is sleeping with what would be my ex wives and tell my wives to never speak to me again. Any one who cheats don't love you because if they did they would never have hurt you like that

  EVnIAS  |  13

Yes I know how it was ment but it made me mad because I'm a guy who knows what it's like to have someone constantly hitting on his girlfriend. Reading that comment reminded me that I was told once that I should sit down with him and get to know him that I might even like him... Long story short I would help OP kick that guys ass.....

  iOceanus  |  18

#139: Your girlfriend is going to get hit on whether you like it or not. That is a compliment to you and her because it means your girlfriend is desirable. It's only bad when it gets farther than that.


Well it's unfortunate that their marriage is in shambles and that his new wife is having an affair with the man he lost his ex-wife to, but we don't know the whole story, nor will we ever. It could be a severe case of spouse mistreatment. In which case, he would deserve it, but we don't know :P

  larsak  |  3

I clicked YDI because OP might not be good at sex or something might be going wrong with their relationship

  xStaciexLynnx  |  15

Wow, 90. You seem like a great person to be in a relationship with. "Well our sex life is a little lacking so I know we made a commitment to be faithful to each other for life but I'm gonna go sleep with someone else, kay?" No. There is no excuse for cheating.

By  xcam1995  |  6

Dang, you need to call that guy up and ask for some pointers. Or maybe pay him to stay away from your next wife....you are going to get another one right?

  wjh100  |  13

everyone knows that aisle four is where they keep the replacement side kicks for when you're eighteenth kid in tights dies, wives are on aisle 16

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