By Failed Parent / Thursday 11 October 2012 06:59 / United States
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  GypsyRover  |  0

Sounds like someone partied to hard! Lol. Good times. It's better then waking up in jail!

  jacsoccerdude3  |  10

Could have been worse. He could have driven home... Though op does not state how he got home.

  timjones  |  8

Who parties on a Thursday night. Especially when he's 16

  ICastillo  |  24

Ya the kid probably woke up with his butt sore after wearing the pink boots.

  silbot  |  11

Wait a second, this is FML....

Thread jacking goes on in just about every post, it's not even considered that bad, why so much hate towards it all of a sudden?

  silbot  |  11

They want their comments to be seen. Sure, it's not a great way to do it, but in all honesty, I think most of you can say you don't scroll to the bottom of the comments page.


Freaking touch screen... What I meant to say was: haha, maybe. But 16 year olds getting drunk is pretty sad. And don't worry OP, you're not a failed parent! Teenagers do stupid stuff. Just talk to your son and try to make him understand how serious this is and that he doesn't do it again.

  regan_droper  |  4

i started drinking when i was 14 and im fine today i have a job and am a productive member of society its not all that bad to drink at 16

  DespairFaction  |  11

He's 16 and shouldn't be drinking. I think like someone else said its a good day to mow the lawn and a family video of him doing it in that outfit. Then post it on his Facebook, you tube and all social media sites so he knows how big of an ass he looks like.

  guckylynn  |  19

119, you're 17 and your profile claims you work at a smoke shop. How much a productive part of society can you be? Check back in 15 or so years and then you can make claims on how productive a member of society you actually are.

  cinnamondemon  |  8

I wouldnt do that. thats setting up your own child to get bullied by other kids and what are you gonna do when the cops are at your house because your son is illegallyndrinking?

By  loloalltheway  |  23

Of all the colors, He chose pink...

By  bjobabygirl  |  12

Ewwwwww, sorry that you have to clean that up :(

  bjobabygirl  |  12

Yea it doesn't but who else is gonna clean up her son, he's passed out obviously.

By  GamerGoldfish  |  7

I'm proud of him.

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