By diddlebuag / Friday 27 May 2011 22:09 / United States
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  HyundaiOwner7  |  0

I'd have given her 2 bottles at least...

  tpreston  |  0

umm..... maybe it wasn't your son

  FYLimhoYDI  |  0

so I've decided that whenever #19 chimes in, I get a migraine. why must you put your idiotic 2 cents in every fml? your picture creeps me out and your thoughts are just plain retarded!


Has anyone tired the new Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey?

  caaamilleeee  |  0

damn 83 you're an asshole! why be such a jerk? honestly who cares if he feels the need to reply to everything. really. that's why fml allows you to comment things, so if you feel the need to, you can!

  phatdaddy62  |  23

Let me guess 141, you're British, right?

  awardZu  |  0

195, YOU are the reason you dropped out of high school. You can't blame anybody but yourself, and attempting to only shows that you are a childish person who can't accept responsibility for your own actions. Grow up. Or play in traffic, whatever is easier.

  jenjen0146  |  7

thank you!!! I totally agree and just left a really long nasty comment about that. seriously who gives a shot about the drunk babysitter...that was her child left unsupervised. what if the kid got hurt or even drank what was left of the booze in her lap??!! wtf lady if your fml is simply about the child peeing on her then you are unfit to be a mom.

By  GigaB  |  0



everyone has their own way of babysitting...at least she got the kid to sleep!

By  hidrox94  |  5

Wait, the kid peed on me?! Crap. Sorry about drinking it all, btw..

By  eradonnes  |  0


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