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wait wait wait WAIT. if OP is at a decent age how do THEY not know what a verb is most of us learned in maybe 2 or 3rd grade it depends but honestly if you don't know and couldn't show your mom then YDI (I understand it doesn't say this in the OP's statement I'm JS)


74 - stfu. and lol OP I was homeschooled too but my mom never forgot stuff like that but she was lazy sometimes and didn't teach me stuff so I got behind on mat and geography :( thank GOD though I went to this homeschool school so I got caught up and actually learned shit. I'm lazy like my mom, so there's no way in homeschooling my kids. lol


"Hey Mom, if I use 'they' as a gender-neutral singular noun in casual speech, should the verb be plural or singular?" "Uh... Remind me what a verb is again, will you?" Point being, OP probably does know what a verb is.

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#178 because Google returns many more reliable results. Bing and Yahoo have been known to redirect their searches through Google's search engine.

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