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I agree. And just because you speak in a dialect doesn't mean you have to write that way. A good friend of mine who is a great writer (in college that is) speaks like he just walked out of a hillbilly town but his grammar in his papers is impeccable. I, myself, couldn't write and speak with that much of a variation.

Hahaha she dun arnt smart to teach.... Hahaha that sucks that your teacher acted like that... Most teachers need a teachers book with all the answers cause they dont know em maybe next time u should bring that up


...I'm not sure how it's possible to misspell a word if it's in the post you're responding to - directly in front of your face. For goodness sake, it's "grammar".


Damn damn damn! If anyone has any less-subtle ways if conveying sarcasm, please PM me. I'll happily take credit for your work. See, that was sarcastic! Or was it...


ain't is a word but ain't is also a improper word for the sentence. Also I never use the word "ain't" unless it's something like this. I was raised knowing ain't is not a word and then it became a word so it's not a word to me.

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