By why?! - / Saturday 10 September 2011 01:57 / United States
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  Keyman1212  |  14

Your grandpa might not even 'remember' eating them, even if you did confront him about it. Either way, take the grounding as an unfortunate lesson in life: old folks are sneaky bastards.

  brandon_marsh  |  4

Wat is this person, 8 years old

By  turtleomnom  |  0

a month isn't too bad, prom isn't until may/June if that's a concern.


Because prom is basically the only thing that people look forward to? Gee, I guess I month isn't too bad, since OP probably doesn't have other plans, like hanging out with friends, going to non-prom parties, and doing what they wanted to do. But as long as prom isn't until June, who cares!

  datguyuno  |  5

That's cuz u have no friends

By  jonnied23  |  20

And that's plus one for grandma

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