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I know! what if it was like Today, some of my classmates brought cupcakes to celebrate my birthday. I took the leftovers with me after class, and when my mom picked me up from school, she asked, "What are the cupcakes for?" I said my friends brought then for my birthday and she said, "I know it's your birthday, I just thought no one cared." FML. Also, would you rather have your mom be the only one who cared or the only one who didn't?

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a mother should always remember their child's birthday...no matter how old they are because they are still her child. if a mother truly has the love for her child like any other mother I'm pretty sure that they would remember the birthday.

how in the world would she know what they are for jus cuz u got cupcakes doesnt mean it's someones bday I can go to school , buy a cupcake and bring it home doesn't mean it's my bday she might not have forgotten .


#13, you are the reason why people kill themselves. You need to learn how to read. What #11 was saying is that it was stupid for OP to assume that his mother had forgotten his birthday just because she didn't know why he was holding a few cupcakes. There is a VERY large chance that she did not forget his birthday and that OP is just a whiny little brat who needs to stop making idiotic and immature assumptions.

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