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I was reading an article about how the fasting growing group of Facebook-ers are middle aged people! You should be careful about what your friends post on there. I heard some employers look at facebook and myspace now. But hahaha, you totally deserved that if you can still be grounded. Silly high school kids.

No no no, guys, if someone tagged the OP in photos, and the mother was able to comment on them, that means she was friends with the person who posted the photos; not necessarily the OP.


Yeah, that's true. I've noticed on facebook, when you're tagged in a photo, it doesn't automatically appear on your profile until you sign in. That gives you the chance to remove your tag. But either way, like #7 said, if Mom was able to comment, she was connected to the uploader.

You deserved it for being stupid enough to friend your mom on facebook. Additionally, if you're going to be facebook friends with her, at least put her on a limited profile viewing. Jeez.

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