By blakeintheoffice / Wednesday 8 August 2012 13:53 / United States
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By  cheekyterier  |  13

50 Shades of Grey is a great book. Embrace it, your boss will eventually give up..probably.

  Savner  |  16

50 shades of grey is a poorly written porn book based off of the characters in twilight that romanticizes abusive relationships. Yeah great book ._.

  mikesvodka  |  1

Nice to know people aren't able to express their opinions without being knocked down.
That's humanity for you.

  lelo007  |  11

This is FML. Unfortunately, many people get knocked down for their opinions. You learn to love it or leave it. But, I agree, I wish somebody would throw a thesaurus at that Mrs. James' head, and maybe a 4th grade English school book.

  cheekyterier  |  13

25&31 thank you for your undertanding! i was trying to be sarcastic, but unfortunatly idiots here dont understand that. that, and people love to hate.

  HowAreYouToday  |  34

That's why I enjoy failed erotica novels where the main character is an unbelievable main character and the love interest has the mind set of a mentally scarred teenager.

  ShyAnn29  |  14

19, where in twilight is an abusive relationship?

  citymayer  |  7

71 you know that relationship between that vampire and that pasty girl? Thats the abusive relationship. If you can't see it then I'm sorry you think that relationship is healthy and I can only hope that you're relationships aren't abusive.

  coolbrony12  |  3

61-Um you can't simply type sarcasm. People can't tell that you were being sarcasm.

  lelo007  |  11

71- it is emotional and mental abuse. This is why Bella in Twilight seemed to "die inside" when she wasn't around Edward in the first movie (never wasted my time reading the books, or watched a movie after my ex husband forced me to watch half of the first one), and he used that to his advantage knowing that she couldn't live without him. Pathetic women, in my opinion.

  Palirose  |  22

73- in all honesty I think they need to start carding ages for certain books. I'm 20, and I couldn't get past the first sex scene in the first book with out wanting to hurl, I didn't find that book a romance novel, just a porno in the form of a book. All I could think of when reading the book was, that it is trash. Children shouldn't be reading smut like that. At all. In my opinion.

  hopeholman  |  6

No one said twilight IS AN "abusive relationship" they said 50 shades is LIKE the characters in twilight but only an abusive relationship! Smh -_-

  Trix_Disorder  |  20

131 - People ALSO say that Twilight contains an abusive relationship, so the possible misreading of that sentence is not at all surprising. I agree with aforementioned people, it's pretty messed up.

  Lionesse  |  15

50 Shades of Grey has no literary merit to it. It was a complete and utter train wreck. How it made the bestsellers list baffles me. It is nothing more than an amped up Twilight Porn book.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

If my boss even followed me into the bathroom let alone read passages from that book I'd be a bit more than creeped out. But look at the bright side, he isn't reading you bible passages.

By  jose562  |  5

That's fucking hilarious. I think it would probably be funnier if I knew what fifty shades of grey was.

  mizzmarie13  |  1

You're an idiot. Twilight is about vampires. Fifty shades of gray is about normal people with weird sexual habits. The only thing they have in common is that you apparently haven't read either of them

  AwsumShyGuy  |  12

Edward Cullen is not a vampire. He doesn't shrivel up in the sunlight, and sparkles in the day. He's just an immortal frilly pedophile with a stupid haircut and glued glitter to himself.

By  beef25967  |  2

I hear it's a good book.

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