By Anonymous - / Wednesday 27 April 2011 16:21 / United Kingdom
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  Idonebeenhad  |  17

She probably gets more pleasure from fingering herself than when you have sex with her.

  Hide_Yo_Kids  |  0

^what good will that do? obviously he sit gnna get much if he's that much a disappointment..at least she stuck around with you for a while OP

  ILoveEmoes  |  9

Don't be a jerk -.-

  Lac2501  |  2

#7...I see what you did there.

  angelpies  |  0

a girl can only take so many inches anyways.. big penises aren't worth a girls time and pain.. I don't understand why guys always wanna have the "bigger penis".

  Slhruman  |  4

Bet he is a white boy, lol. Never heard this one for a brother

  lunargh  |  7

198 - It depends on the guy I'm sure, but if a big-dicked guy thinks his endowment is a sure ticket to good sex, then he's not gonna bother with technique, is he? There's a whole lot more to sex than inserting tab A into slot B. There's only so much you can do with a pinky finger but within normal ranges, size is not important.

  xk75  |  4

eh the op is probably one of those guys who says things like "are you sure you can HANDLE THIS?" and his gf got tired of just nodding politely while smirking inside.

  nmp1026  |  0

what's op???!?!

  DjeePee  |  24

Wow, 9 changed my opinion on this subject. First I wanted to post "She deserves to be your ex" or something like that, because she's a real bitch. FHL. But, it could be that OP always act like a true monstercockmacho and that she was tired of his bullcrap and made a mean comment. In that case, it could be a YDI.

That being said, it still is an incredibly mean thing to say. It's not only a personal attack on OP's physics and on the sexual pleasure, it also implies their relationship will not last.

  alaaparis  |  4

original poster

  puddy_fml  |  0

I thought what she said was hilarious and heart- warmingly honest. I'm still lmao about it right now.


OP you should start learning to pleasure her or someone else (if you break up with her) with your tongue or fingers (or sex toys?) so this way you won't have the same problem in your next relationship. That aside - Hahahahaha!

  iRiS890  |  5

If she were a *ho and spent a leisurely afternoon on the corner I doubt she would be worried about still being tight after kicking OP to the curb.

  ImThePope  |  2

I like the way you think #9, I know I joke around like that a lot, but everyone should know when to stop. So yes, if OP over did it, then he really deserved this. On top of that she could have been in a really bad mood and wanted a proper orgasm, and he gave her no foreplay. That would suck and make her really mad and then more than likely cause her to go off on his dick size.. hah, now I don't feel so bad for OP... even though it always hurts a little inside when a girl you get in bed with says you have a small dick haha

  xk75  |  4

169 - we're all theorizing, including you. you theorize that the op is a decent guy who did not deserve to have his ego shredded by this "skank." you theorized that the gf could not possibly have a reason to say what she said.

In my theory, it is the gf, not the op, who gets the benefit of the doubt. I theorize that she would not say such a mean thing without provocation. I theorize that the op was in dire need of an attitude adjustment.

  shaggyfresh  |  0

289. you fucking faliure. he never said he had sex before. also why jump down his throat? he didnt say anything bad. he said to use her because of the horrible remark she made to OP. so stop being extremely immature and ignorant

By  crazedguy  |  0

looks like you're "short" on the uptake

By  CockRocket  |  0

Hire someone to give her numerous STD's.


well noboby deserves that.

  CockRocket  |  0

Only if he's dumb enough to keep banging her afterwards.
Which he shouldn't do, after hiring said go to do said act, publically humiliate her with giving out pictures of her disfigured genitalia.

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