By FML - / Monday 2 February 2009 18:27 / United States
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By  CZWolf  |  0

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  luigima  |  0

why is is that a girl who sleeps around is always a slut but the guy is just having fun? you probably deserved this. whore.

  littlericht  |  0

Yeah tell her boyfriend that you boned her and she was like a bucket. That will fuck there relationship up lol. And also say that you think I've given her scabies that would scare them both lol!

By  ill  |  0

should ask her why she dates someone so stupid that they can't use such a big hog and drive their girlfriend to go after normal sized sausage?

  EmoPotato  |  3

Contrary to popular belief, the bigger the guy is the more it hurts and can be rather unpleasant and completely unenjoyable, that is if your tight enough.

By  jsmith1199  |  0

1. Kick her square in the nuts. Yeah, u heard me. 2. Get her boyfriend's number, call him and tell him what a whore she is 3. Knock her out 4. Pat yourself on the back for getting laid

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