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That she loves the sweater and is going to wear for the rest of her life? Gold star to whomever recognizes this as sarcasm, ugly sweater to whomever takes it seriously


116, cap ain't on the bottle? And yeah, cuz no high schoolers drink or anything I'm totally trying to be hard core, haven't you ever seen American pie or anything like that? Or maybe you just think I am cuz you didn't when you were 17, better luck trying to troll next time :(


people shouldn't really buy clothing for someone in general if they don't know their tastes... =_=


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you shoulda have been like "oh be right back, I know of an uglier sweater I have," and came back with one she gave you!

It's ok, not everyone can have a sense of fashion, but you can make your friends look more trendy by standing next to them. That's a talent.

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