By sexual parrot / Monday 21 April 2014 18:42 /
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By  sweetest_jenn  |  18

If they ask, tell them you stubbed your toe.

  wcc7777777  |  5

Maybe your boyfriend, or if he has a little brother, can say they did it as a joke, because us guys can be pretty immature. He owes it to you for the "pleasure" you give him...

  DomiLove  |  26

Maybe she shouldn't be having sex at her boyfriends parents house..

  R_Horsefeet  |  23

Sometimes an African grey parrot moans and throws up some food because he/she is attracted in a person! Best you can do is ignore it, maybe put him in a different room for a couple of minutes. Don't try to encourage this behaviour (don't pet him on places that he likes, under the wings or on his belly), next thing you know the parrot is obsessed whit this moaning and throwing up, because you simply can't be his mate...

By  StarWarsChick  |  9

Don't let the bird hear ya next time

By  tepovre  |  18

Teach it some words, maybe it'll forget! FYI OP:/

  iAlissa  |  34

Eh, some birds such as an African Grey have a brain as capable as a 5-6 year old human being. They have amazing memories too... OP may be stuck with the parrot moans until he finds some better to imitate.

By  rhysfucker  |  24

Hit it with a pan.

  nerevarine94  |  12

I see what you did there and everyone who down voted is dumb.

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