By Anonymous - / Saturday 4 May 2013 21:44 / United Kingdom - Liverpool
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  deadhead419  |  15

I don't get it...unless that's a titanic reference. But I've never seen titanic so I dunno..

  kwyk  |  23

Yeah, he's referring to the part where they go on the house boat and survive that crazy storm, only to have the house blown up by Chewbacca. In that famous ending scene, Rose is actually floating on a section of ceiling tiles but Voldemort grabbed Jack's leg and dragged him under as he tried to climb on.

By  droidlover  |  14

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  BrookRae  |  19

They said "new boyfriend" not an ex. Therefore "dumped again" fails.

  deathy94  |  14

*is, use

  DropBearMeat  |  22

It could be worse. There's always the kazoo. If that's not annoying enough, the vuvuzela surely wins. I'm sure others can suggest similarly bad "instruments" for causing excessive ear bleeding.

  JACKxRAWR  |  22

Ke$ha, Niki Minaj and Justin Bieber are not musicians. They were a government experiment to see if sound could be weaponised that unfortunately worked its way into the media.


Ke$ha is deffinately worse than Justin Bieber! I don't really like Justin or his music but at least he writes his own songs and can sort-of play guitar, to me that counts for something :) all ke$ha can do is look derpy and use autotune :L

  molzipan  |  16

The recorder taught us all how to summon Satan with terrible renditions of Hot Cross Buns and Mary had a Little Lamb.

  kenzie_scars  |  5

It's called a screamo version which sound way better than the originals

  dixiefoxx  |  22

I used to be considered "emo" but I didn't dress the style. Sure, I loved screamo, but I also loved rock, some pop music here and there, and I still love all of those as much as I did then. Though, the pop music that I liked aren't ever on the radio anymore, now it's filled up with shit like One Direction and Justin Bieber... And crappy rap artists... So I kind of gave up on listening to the radio

By  thats_my_job  |  11

My daughter also had to learn that on her recorder. She's not emo and she wasn't dumped. If she's grade 7-9 it's probably a school assignment and it will eventually stop.

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