By fmmmmlll - / Tuesday 12 June 2012 05:29 / United States
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  ladyLALAA  |  28

Let's and say that we did not...

  iamyourmum  |  1

*sniffs*.. Let's pretend that this is my farewell present to you.. *GIVES HIM AN EPIC PAINFUL SLAP AND CHINESE BURN HIS PENIS*

  Drigr  |  8

Let's face it. Its what everyone WANTS to hear. No one wants to be told, "I'll love you til I stop loving you." or, "I'll love you until something better comes along and I realize you were a mistake and just something to ride until they came along." that just isn't romantic. And believe me, it fucking SUCKS when you find that person you just can't stop loving. Four and a half years since I started loving her, we have since broken up, and I'll tell ya what, still loving her has prevented me from ever so much as WANTING to get into another relationship.

  YoungMisfit  |  9

Bitches are getting crazier everyday.

  doctorhook86  |  24

An FML by stupid people for stupid people. Don't make lame, unrealistic promises just to try to sound romantic, especially if there's still a "1" at the front of your age. Don't be surprised if others break the aforementioned type of bullshit promises.

  riax  |  9

I agree with the doc! young ppl these days... Lol! they fall head over heels and think its true love that will last forever ´-_-` I feel sorry for op, but there are a lot of guys, and girls, who don't take relationships srsly, especially at the younger ages

By  knockout702  |  0

Then you can pretend to care he died :)

By  glitterme  |  5

Then let's just pretend today is the day you killed him.....or we don't have to pretend.

By  JennaMarie420  |  2

Stab him and say fuck zombies

  Baustigt  |  40

Is that the hybrid offspring of a your and a you're that I spy? I never thought I'd see one in the wild. Good thing it's infertile and it will never reproduce.


Yeee! Ultimate response to the situation! It is what I was thinking about saying but you took out step further than I would've, I was gonna say friend. Ha! Love the fuck the brother response!

By  mypanda_fml  |  0

That's not cool. Well instead of pretending you could kill him

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