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By  Rskittles10  |  16

Kick him in the balls

By  MagnusDeus  |  23

Umm. I can't say fuck your asshole's life.

  BrandiLush  |  31

Not necessarily. It got packed up the bung hole and the fear of it hurting like hell probably isn't helping. The 1st bowel movement after that is pretty painful and uncomfortable. Real talk.

By  Hildy93  |  21

I just think you're being very anal about the whole thing

By  TiggyBonkers  |  31

Isn't that technically rape since it was unwanted?

  Eddie2157  |  8

Are you mentally retarded?

  tackblog  |  14


  digitalxri0t  |  5

Yes it is if it was unwanted. it doesn't matter if they were in the middle of sex, if the partner isn't game, it's a no.

  austinpk  |  14

Just stop talking

  bapbap_fml  |  15

Also what I was thinking. The " " makes it sound like it wasn't an accident, that she had said she wasn't okay with anal and he did it anyways. Not consenting to a sex act and having someone do it to you anyways sounds pretty rapey to me.

  BrandiLush  |  31

You have obviously not had crazy sex....this happens sometimes and it hurts like hell when you aren't expecting it.

  bapbap_fml  |  15

It doesn't sound like he just pulled out to far and poked the wrong hole once. Sounds like he pushed all the way in, and kept going despite OP not wanting it. Briefly would be an accident, but to keep going is not an accident.

By  guss5441  |  18

Pee in his drink :D

By  Hunkapoo  |  19

don't take it so hard next time OP. and get him back for that.

  cutierawrz  |  14

Idk if you meant it the way I read it but hahahahaha OMG that's hilarious

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