By anon / Monday 31 December 2013 18:13 / United States - Gilroy
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By  cr3ativity  |  15

Your friend's immaturity level is too damn high!

Best of luck on your recovery OP!

  happle  |  21

I'm trying to figure out why the fuck her boyfriend was laughing. Neither myself or the other would be the least bit happy if one of us was hit by a car.


OP could have gotten internal bleeding, a crush injury, or a number of other things.Not every injury you can get is visible. I hope that you feel better OP.My suggestion is to file a claim right away in order to get no fault.No fault is an insurance companys way to cover injury sustained during a car accident. Feel better OP and good luck on your recovery :3

  happle  |  21

My brother's friend fell down a flight of stone stairs and was fine until three hours later, he passed out on our kitchen floor. Turns out he had a broken arm.


Ah, but you're operating on assumptions. Besides being the victim of her boyfriend's stupidity, maybe OP was also the lone victim of some past, horribly bloody saw mill incident which left her with only one boob. You never know.


Today, I went on a blind date and we seemed to have hit it off nicely. I asked him if he could drive me home. Along the way he stopped on a pitch-black road and told me to get out so he could take a picture. He then gave me my bag and drove off, leaving me stranded in the middle of nowhere. FML

By Misshhh / Friday 19 July 2013 04:02 / Canada - Vancouver
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