By soontobewidow - / Saturday 28 March 2015 09:20 / Turkey - Istanbul
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By  Magnettik  |  16

What a dick we've got here --'

By  simleader  |  13

Hope you dump him. Accidents like that are not accidental.

  teazyfisher  |  14

so do jail.

By  poppunkette  |  22

Sorry to hear it op. I hope you can either sort it out with both which seems very unlikely and no one would blame you if you don't. Or work things out but keep him on a short leash and make it clear to her that you friendship or the remains of it wont be the same or even repairable

  AllSoul  |  23

I hope OP throws him out on his ass and she never has to see his cheating face ever again. I don't hope they work it out even if she keeps him on a short leash, that's just not healthy for anyone.

  Sethan01  |  24

They are married so I guess you have a point..cause marriage is you stick together for better or for worse.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Sure, 54, except that when they say "for better or for worse" I don't actually think they mean "if the dickhead cheats on you, forgive him because he's your husband." That whole "sticking together" thing works a lot better when one of them hasn't just completely and irreparably destroyed the trust and love in the relationship....

By  alexcknott  |  8

Oh wow my condolences to him he I'm sorry to hear about his accident :(

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