By fungettingdressed / Tuesday 12 October 2010 12:57 / United States
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  MrDanimal  |  0

10 is hot!

  theian01  |  3

Remember when this comment had to do with a girl breaking her fingers between the wall and headboard? Yeah, neither do I. OPp, how's about screaming "STOPMYFINGERSAREBREAKING!," or "THISISAHARDHEADBOARD!" or my favorite, "WEMUSTSTOPINTERCORSEBECAUSEMYPHALANGESAREBEINGFRACTUREDATTHEMOMENT,KTHNXBYE!"


that could just as well be misinterpreted as a sexual push--"stop it you naughty boy" and besides, what are the chances the boy'd listen? fyl, ydi.

  justsayfuck  |  4

Haha, that reminds me of a scene in, I believe, Eurotrip. Where the guy visiting a sexclub in Amsterdam was told he couldn't scream 'stop' when he wanted them to stop, because people tend to say that when they really don't mean it. So he had to scream some unpronounceable word, which was of course misunderstood.. Dumdumdum. The rest you can watch yourself. I didn't like the movie, but that scene was funny :)

By  surferchick96  |  0

the bed isn't a safe or original place anyway

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