By wherefelix - / Friday 3 July 2009 08:01 / United States
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  springbirder2  |  0

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springbirder, I actually don't hate you for constantly spamming all the FMLs with that same post. I feel sorry for you cos you're that much of a loser. I'm sorry that your life is so horribly pathetic, but stop posting this shit. And if you're that brainless that you can't come up with anything more imaginative than constantly posting "Obama sucks" over and over again, just stop posting. No one likes you and no one thinks you're funny on this site- so I'm pretty sure that's the same in real life.

  humorizer  |  14

The best way to stop this kind of behavior is to just mark it as spam and make believe you didn't notice it. Especially with "first" posters. Everytime someone acknowledges them (whether positive or negative; but especially negative, it encourages them to continue because they're getting the attention they crave). Heck, I bet this guy doesn't even know anything Obama, other than that 'hey, a ton of people like/dislike this guy, so I'll make bad statements about him, and maybe people will start arguing! Let's see how much I can keep this up!" I give permission to people to copy/paste this story for a few FMLs so that the idea may be spread. BTW, what ever happened to the "OBAOMA SUCKS" typo? I miss that. lol Oh, and on a more relevant topic, I kinda like this FML, it sounds real.

  Boob_fml  |  6

You are making everyone who dislikes Obama for legitimate political reasons, including myself, look like retards by posting that. You should try leaving your house, perhaps start out with a few minutes per day so you don't overwhelm yourself, and then work your way up to making a friend. Though, for you, this may be a tedious and long task to accomplish, there may still be a chance. If all else fails, you could always pay someone to talk to you and pretend to be your friend, or just off yourself.

  thabeast  |  0

agree w/ 56^^^^ I personally don't like obamas policies and would be happy to tell people why instead of redonkulus spaming , but Im gonna focus on the FML for now which sounds legit, not much you can do ect... oh and maybe we should make him think he was a ghost and stop responding to him and then only Butters will notice him...

  MsTs1  |  0

id tap that cute red pussy of urs, i bet that when i start licking that beauty, my tongue is gonna get on fire from all the hotness , oh god, so hot, just the thought of it makes me cum WILDLY

  Kristoffer  |  28

They probably have it saved to a text file. Open it up, copy, paste, hit submit, all in under 10 seconds. Not really much time wasted. Also I agree with #56 even though I support Obama. People are so quick to blame him for stuff he had no control over that he deserves at least some leniency for his mistakes. I mean, there were people blaming him for taxes this year. What the hell did he have to do with that?

  DizzyDemon0  |  9

#85, I realize that they most likely are not typing the entire thing. What I was referring to as wasting time, and perhaps should have elaborated on in my first post, is that he or she writes out a first Obama comment...and then most likely comes back to check out people's responses..I mean..if they didn't how would they get a kick out of it, right?... Also, there are quite a few times he or she has been the first poster. They also seem to have commented on a large number of FML's... All in all..I would say they have too much free time and also seem to waste quite a lot. Sorry for the confusion. Hope now you understand.

  sugarbabyxoxo  |  2

I'm Canadian and Obama is doing alot for your country. he's going to do a million times better than Bush... He's trying to stop the war. Which our soilders are over there helping you guys cause every other country hates Americans, I don't hate on Americans I'm just stating a fact, and he's dealing with health care issues... everything. Bush ran the U.S into the ground. I hate presedent Bush


It's just so annoying in the really ironic sense! I mean, it would have been so convenient for the OP to head right from her workplace to the beach, but instead she had to drive back to her home, and then drive all the way back to the beach. It's just 80 minutes completely wasted

  piddly_03  |  0

yes, #20, it would be more convenient, but what was she going to do when she got there? hang out in her work clothes at the beach all day? she would have had to go home to get her bathing suit anyway.

By  Jimboom  |  11

YDI for being such an eager beaver. Nobody should be that eager to get to work early.. unless they work at the Fireworks, candy and video game store.

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