By XYZee / Wednesday 22 August 2012 20:27 / United States - Rockmart
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By  xxjenn27xx  |  8

Sorry op! I hope everything works out

  sens3sfailing  |  24

Oh my god. First time I have ever seen You're ever used incorrectly by pure accident...you sir, have done something I did not know was possible.

  TrueTriage  |  16

Edited the comment after I posted this :(

  Llamassss  |  21

Several months ago two guys kicked in my front door while I was sleeping, they were polite enough to ring the doorbell and knock before doing so. I was just about to the door when they kicked it about four times. I had my glock in my hand, pointed it at the door and they ran, screaming, telling me, "I'm sorry! Wrong house!" It's always the wrong house with a glock pointed at your head. The police caught them a few weeks later.

  xxDefiantxx  |  0

probably something a long the lines "OH FUCK! Oh never mind he ish asleeping" spelling errors intended

  SkoomaKi  |  24

My sweet Door, tell Noor I want to play a game. Not just any game. Tell her I will be waiting and that if she dares approach my love, her other secrets will be revealed.

  JackeeDawn  |  9

Noor, has a twin cousin named door. That's nice. You are a great story teller. :}

  kewlkate  |  9

What I want to know is if they at least have a couch or bed left, considering it'd be strange if OP's boyfriend made the decision to sleep on the ground.


Can the Mods shut this idiot up before he continues to shit in FML's pants?

He's probably some stupid, self-righteous 13-year-old prick who should've gone to bed 2 hours ago.

  nickownes1  |  3

It's weird seeing you on here noor. Escuse me, Noor*. It's weird because I've had a conversation with you on ifunny. You posted a picture of how happy you were that you got your first featured picture. Remember that? Ahh good times(:..

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