By 1D-107 / Tuesday 31 July 2012 17:43 / United States - Logan
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  trollfaced  |  2

I think that was human anatomy. Nevermind I killed it. I'll stop now

  dheunwj  |  3


  ghirahim  |  5

Wow...just wow

  buck33  |  14

85 - In Utah there is a small population, but it's actually quite dense in the Utah and Salt Lake valleys. The OP may live in an apartment in downtown SLC, or in a suburban town. So who knows if anyone even saw? Besides the kids of course.

  mystashisgone  |  6

Unplug all electronics lock the doors and show them a video of childbirth. Next time they might mind themselves if not, show them the brain surgery you are going to have done on them if they misbehave again.


Yeah when I was a kid I would kick my babysitter in the shin, or punch her in the boob, then run and hide, I was a little shit. Sigh, Those were the days.


Once way back in the time where the dinosaur ruled the world, I unhooked my babysitter's bra drummed out songs on her boobs. And then she woke up. And then I continued. And and is not the proper way to start a sentence.


No and is not a proper way to start a sentence, but we all appreciate the honesty in the story where you drummed on your babysitters boobs, or, stay with me here, you are referring to another FML?

By  capper44  |  18

So it means you got tricked by three kids and the whole street witnessed it... FYL op !!

By  pcentral  |  17

Haha you got OWNED!!

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