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I posted this and I am a girl
By mac_miller55 - / Tuesday 31 July 2012 16:47 / United States - Lansdowne
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  Futacy  |  29

You should get his number... and use it to find his identity and report him to the police for sexual harassment.

  ImmaB3AST  |  7

20- They never said the gender. For all you know, he could be like Herbert from family guy.

By  mrshutcherson123  |  3

Haha let's hope he wasn't a rapist. Jk. but that's creepy!

By  comeatmebroo6254  |  1

Well alrighty then.

One time an old guy was staring at me and he wouldn't look away. Every time I looked back he was staring. As soon as I told my friend and she looked back, he looked away though. So I can kind of relate. But , sorry for the creepy encounter!

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