Today, I was at a swim meet. I asked my friend if he could be my wingman and help me get a date with a girl I really liked. I told him my plan, and as I finished and turned to go to her, I noticed her standing right there, listening in on the whole conversation. FML

By look before you speak / Sunday 9 February 2014 07:12 / United States
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  zinoxity  |  23

73 - The word, "gonna", is a grammatical contraction. Using, "of", instead of, "have", is a complete misuse and incorrect form of the word, "of". The word "of", does not mean the same as, "have". Don't correct someone if you don't know the rules of grammar.

  Enslaved  |  36

And does she swallow? :P

  perdix  |  29

#6, and where would a three-way rate on your scale?

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