By Tara115 - / Sunday 9 February 2014 07:20 / Canada - Courtenay
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  coried91  |  28

Some people just can't handle the responsibility of having kids. I feel horrible when someone's partner leaves them just because of that. It takes two to tango!

  tanekdrachonae  |  19

I've seen a lot of people putting the bf down, we have no context to say he's a bad father. Possibly he just has commitment issues or a stance against marriage altogether. Either way OP has had multiple children with this man. I find it hard to believe some kind of marriage talk never came up beforehand.

  caitiebug1119  |  15

Being a good father, loving her, scared of commitment, that's fine. All of that might be true. But he shouldn't use their kids as the reason he won't marry her. If anything, I think having kids with someone would motivate someone to marry that person.

  coried91  |  28

80- there are people out there that don't need a piece of paper to determine that they will always be there for eachother. My parents split up 2 and remarried. After 26 years my mom still wanted out. Now they are divorced. That document claiming that your together can be signed just as easily as it can catch fire.


They should at least consider their viewpoint on marriage way before they got kids. I personally don't think people should get married if they want kids but they should both agree on this.

  MrsDruidess  |  23

I agree with 24, this is an issue they should have talked about before bringing multiple children into their relationship and their lives. The irresponsibility is on both of them. I personally think that marriage should come before kids but only because if you can't make that commitment to each other, than you might not want to have children together as that is a life long unbreakable bond.

I know some people don't believe in "marriage" but even those people have some sort of promise to each other and its normally discussed before the babies come.

And really I could see one kid as an oh well it kinda happened and we love our child so we gave it a try but it disnt work, but to have more than one and not have an idea or even a talk about a life plan?? Thats just irresponsible!! OP YDI

  kingdomgirl94  |  27

99 I read your comment five or six times and I'm still confused.
You DON'T think people should get married if they want kids? What the hell kind if sense does that make?


Sorry, English is not my first language. :) I just think partners in a relationship should agree whether they are going to get married or not BEFORE they get kids. Is it more clear now?

  traviscool  |  12

such surprise
much shock

  colton_colton  |  49

Hopefully he gets over that and marries OP. She deserves better than that

  Enslaved  |  36

I don't know why but one of the first things that came to my mind was taxes. I know unmarried parents that claim one of each of their children because it gives them a large refund because of their tax bracket.

There has to be more to the reason than she has kids.

  cocainewhore  |  30

Because she loves him? He probably loves her too, and is afraid of marriage perhaps.

By  tiffi_is_spiffi  |  1

omg I'm sorry but this made me laugh..some guys are just stupid lol

  CloudBustah  |  20

#45 it wouldn't make sense that he's a sperm donor, considering that he kept (is that the right term? Correct me if I'm wrong pls and ty) the children. It would seem more likely that he was with another woman before the relationship with OP started. Just a thought.

By  sarcasticlover  |  30

u gotta a really smart boyfriend there.....maybe way too smart for u or anyone :P

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