By Anonymous - / Sunday 1 May 2011 05:50 / United States
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ok her parents are ASSHOLE'S walk out and make them pay for it saying that they dippin and not payin Then runaway with her ASAP her parents sound abusive, controlling, annoying AND don't respect her privacy!!! idc if she's a minor she deserves respect and privacy HELLO

  ImThePope  |  2

Grow some balls OP, if you want her parents to know you aren't a little bitch and can take care of their little princess, take a stand, put your foot down and tell them they need to either pay you back, or you should have told them you understand their worry, and that they needed to leave. So, congratulations OP, you are now a little bitch for them that can be used for free meals.

  GrahamAker  |  3

I'm antiflooding but for good reason. Why the hell did you accpect that OP? keep the tab. Go to her parents and demand a refund. Then after Prom break up with that girl. If the girls parents don't pay you back just ask your parents to deal with it. FYL

  Zoydude  |  0

Pay for it without a word, and they will love you forever

  murlocholmes  |  5

If you have sex with her, I want you to call her parents DURING and after you finish, yell "Well worth the $95!" then hang up. P.S. you might want to move away afterwords...

  xleanne_aLly  |  23

Yeah that'd be one way to get back at her parents. But if I was the girl and a guy did that to me. I would dump him that second. And make up a story that ended with me kicking him in the balls.


#4 this is totally off topic but is that lady gaga in ur picture? I'm asking because I can't send messages I'm on my iPod. don't dislike this cause I'm asking a question -_-

  awardZu  |  0

I agree, should have paid for your date's meal and your own, then told the waiter the parents ducked out on their bill. Then fuck their daughter on their bed, & blow your load all over their pillows.

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