By Anonymous - / Friday 27 June 2014 20:22 / Spain - Valencia
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  demon_wolf  |  15

Actually therapy will make that worse. Trust me. Just cause she has a thicker skin you're going to send her thinking shes a maniac. Unless shes going out of her way to hurt animals, I say just let her be.

By  listner1  |  9

Psycho kid. Talk to her that any living getting hurt is not funny.

  Dthsapprntc  |  23

Living things (humans mainly) getting hurt is flippin' hilarious. Haven't you ever watched America's Funniest Videos? But a bird going splat against your windshield isn't all that funny. And it's a pain to clean off the blood and guts afterwards.

  ironichalibut  |  24

There is no great comedy, without great tragedy. Humor is always base in misfortune, and laughter is a way for people to feel better about things that scare them subconsciously.

  LunaaBluee  |  27

Not sure why everyone's so butt hurt over this. Everyone at one point has watched or will watch a funny video on YouTube of animals getting hurt. Just because she laughed doesn't mean she has no compassion for animals. A few years ago, basically the same thing happened to me. A bird hit the windshield and landed in the back of the truck, my brother and I cried from laughter but his fiancé got extremely mad at us for doing so. We both love animals and just because we laughed it doesn't mean we are psychos. Everyone needs to calm down.


If it got hurt that would suck but if it just died instantly, then it didn't suffer. Also, even though laughing at an animal's pain seems wrong because it implies you like that they got hurt, the animal actually doesn't understand your laughter like a human would. Therefore, the laughing doesn't hurt it any more. Also, don't mistake laughing for being a psycho. One could be a caring person and also laugh at a bird flying into a window.

  demon_wolf  |  15

The hunt is extremely fun. You get to learn about how the animal sees and smells everything and how you can slip past them without startling them. Plus they taste and smell a lot better cooked.

  spucyq  |  1

Oh boo hoo, what about all the other birds that die in wild, do you really care about them at all? If every living thing is precious why do we kill bugs and spiders all the time? People need to grow up and realize that the death of this bird is utterly inconsequential in even the smallest of scopes. You guys could serve to learn something from this kid. She seems ahead of the curve

By  ishchandan  |  14

Future psychopath... :P

  JJ_86  |  22

Not really. The kid only thought in the context of sudden incident. She probably didn't even realize how hurt the bird would have been. Just needs some teaching for caring about living things.

By  alicealiveordead  |  13

stuff like that happens all the time on television! it's hilarious! so funny when a small creature hurts itself to death ! I would have laughed too.. I'm a terrible person..

  swish25  |  6

You're a sick person. You're going to Hell

  Respect101  |  17

yeah.... I wouldn't be proud of calling myself sick... unless I was coming down with an illness... not a full fledged mental illness, but like the common cold or flu.


With a humour like I have? One can only hope so!

  tiernang  |  21

Think of it as a warning, not a threat. It's not like any of us can personally deliver her to Hell.

By  shudson186  |  17

Take her to therapy or at least force her to watch lassie!!!

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