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It's fairly common for abusive people to be well liked by the families of those they abuse. Abusive people are often extremely charming when in public situations


I had the same situation with my ex husband. Only thing is, my mom hated him and knew about the abuse and wanted me to leave him. Finally after I did she calls him her son and talks to him all the time, more than she does me. Even told him she hoped I got back with him. I'll never understand it.


#56 ya, she has some problems. He's been in and out of jail for backed up child support to his other ex, getting in fights/breaking parole and would write letters to me and her. He would always sound like a sweet guy in the letters because he was sobering up in jail, talking about how he's changed blah blah. I gave him the benefit of the doubt a couple of times because I knew him before all that stuff and knew he could be a good guy but within a week or two being out he'd be drinking and doing drugs again. I gave up and she continued to believe he would change. #61, it would also be extremely fucking awkward lol.


Is it possible your mom might have a little thing for your now ex? I've heard of this happening were married couples are friends and a divorce happens. Hopefully mom will stand by you.

Wow! I'm shocked that she would care more about being friends with your abusive husband than trying to comfort and support you. I just don't understand how some people could be that way.

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