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This is why most families have death schedules. Grandpa dies on a Wednesday and great grandma on a Thursday. That way every death is organised and this sort of inconvenience would be avoided.


Something similar happened to me when I was in school. Apparently "go fuck yourself" isn't an appropriate response.

Woah. That really sucks ... Hopefully an administrator or something would be more understanding. A test can always be taken again ... Not a funeral

Maybe if you bring a note from your teacher, the funeral director would be willing to reschedule. Or maybe it should be the other way around.

I'm sorry for your loss op, and sorry that your teacher has no feelings. Tests are trivial compared to the death of a loved one...trust me I've been there :'(


Exactly 14, we can't have her death conflict with OP's idle time. That would be extremely inconvenient.

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