By segal1010 / Thursday 28 February 2013 00:27 / United States - Potomac
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By  iAlissa  |  34

Invasion of privacy, in my opinion.

By  iAlissa  |  34

Invasion of privacy, in my opinion.

  karlcolt45  |  18

onward captain obvious jokes!

  Nyx3ni6m4  |  5

Since noone seems to know this The only way for this to happen is if both devices are registers to The same personal Apple id so either op is using The mothers id or The other way around, this is The id that has your billing info and is used when you buy stuff on itunes and The app store....in either case op either has same access to the mothers usage or has given The mother The password to a personal user id

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

I personally believe that the OP might be underage and the mom is just making sure OP isn't sending naked pictures of herself.


Having someone link 2 girls 1 cup would be totally epic!!! Props to the person who suggested that!!!!!

  Webslinger66  |  10

Draw a map of your home and draw a big red circle in your parents room. Take a picture and send it to a friend who is in on the joke. Then you can start sending private texts.

  lilhellian  |  26

Don't really see this happening with a droid.. Plus it won't do any good with net savy parents.. A simple trick past that is to use apps such as: Kik, Text+, Pinger..

By  conholio33  |  25

Be afraid be very afraid..... That sucks OP

By  Mech1989  |  13

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I think that's a little overboard and an invasion of privacy. I wouldn't want my parents reading my texts, not because I say or do anything they wouldn't approve of, but because it's just nosy to me to read someone's messages.

  boots73  |  2

I agree with 91. Plus, if OP is under 18 and still living at home then there is no such thing as invasion of privacy. Now if OP is paying her own cell phone bill that's one thing, but probably not. I don't know where this invasion of privacy came from with this generation. If you're under 18, living at home and mommy and daddy pay your bills - you have no privacy!


Today, I did the smart thing and bought an umbrella before walking to work. My efforts proved useless when a truck ran through a huge puddle and drenched me from head to toe. My underwear was still wet 4 hours later. FML

By Tadpolecrusader - / Wednesday 8 April 2015 11:05 / Australia

Today, I called to see if my bridesmaid's dress was ready. They told me it had already been picked up, the bride's mom picked up the dress and got rid of it because she doesn't want me in the wedding. FML

By buttercup92 / Monday 14 March 2016 01:41 / United States - San Antonio
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