By anonymas - / Friday 29 January 2010 15:29 / Norway
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  ebbomega  |  0

Yeah, still not an FML. This is what happens when you're technically inclined. I don't know a single person in IT who doesn't end up doing this for their parents. Some of us actually don't mind, and in fact enjoy it.

  apfunction  |  0

yes it is an FML, it's a pain in the ass having to explain every little thing, even the simplest damn things that they COULD figure out themselves if they would just TRY. that's an fml.

  suxs4ulol  |  22

she was helping her dad with the internet for 6 months then he got iphone. still dont see the fml, i mean, if he dosent get it, write it down or something

  a1s  |  3

It is for some of us. (working at the IT help-desk is a paying job that ends at 5pm, helping you relatives with technology is pretty much a 24/7 deal with questionable benefits.) The trick is to keep a positive mindset, If you're under 18 this would score you might score you some brownie points (yeah, right), if on the other hand you are in college it's a nice shared activity (provided you don't use the classical definition of "nice")

By  skyeyez9  |  24

Your dad caught the technology bug, and thinks an iPhone would be fun to have. He used his money to pay for it (I assume). I wouldn't expect my dad to buy me an iPhone. They're expensive and the monthly plans too aren't cheap.

By  skyeyez9  |  24

My mom doesn't know anything about computers or the latest electronics, but has no trouble navigating through my iPhone and its apps. Its really simple and you aren't giving your dad much credit for that. Alot of older people don't bother with computers.

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