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  AngryNinja  |  6

no he's a guy with a BOYFRIEND. not gay at /all/. wow. and if you're being homophobic, don't post anymore. it's not like he wants you to be gay with him. op, I am so sorry. your mother needs a life and some satisfaction in the bed if she feels the need to pretend to be her gay son. that's beyond fucked up.


If I was a woman and had a son, who was gay, I would do things way worse than this. Probably lock him up or send him to an anti-gay thing or maybe get him to commit suicide or kill himself. Honestly, if I was in front of a faggot with a gun, I would shoot him. Oh, and did I mention I HATE faggots? Every faggot in existence needs to die. Pst pst, God created man and woman. Man do woman. Man DON'T other man. I encourage any gays on this site to commit suicide. Youre mentally fucked up.

  themikal  |  6

What about the boyfriends perspective? Today, I had a very sexxy chat with my girlfriend on aim, until I found out it was her mom I've been talking with. FML while for OP, YDI for not having a god damn password.

By  killerviral  |  7

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