By nekoneko - / Sunday 7 February 2010 05:15 / United States
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  AngryNinja  |  1

no he's a guy with a BOYFRIEND. not gay at /all/. wow.

and if you're being homophobic, don't post anymore. it's not like he wants you to be gay with him.

op, I am so sorry. your mother needs a life and some satisfaction in the bed if she feels the need to pretend to be her gay son. that's beyond fucked up.

  themikal  |  0

What about the boyfriends perspective?

Today, I had a very sexxy chat with my girlfriend on aim, until I found out it was her mom I've been talking with. FML

while for OP, YDI for not having a god damn password.

By  killerviral  |  0

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Today, I was proud when I started a confrontation with my best friend's brother because he is a sexist pig who treats women like crap. Six hours later my pride was gone: I made him an after-sex sandwich. FML

By Ashamed_Sister - / Saturday 30 November 2013 07:35 / Namibia - Windhoek

Today, even after explaining to my boyfriend that I was self conscious about my breasts because they're slightly misshaped, he still persisted with begging me for a tit pic, saying he would still see me as beautiful. I gave in and sent one. He responded with "LOL WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSSSEE." FML

By YourAverageFckUp / Sunday 23 August 2015 01:21 / United States - Richmond
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