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That's why you always answer if someone asks if you're awake. My roommate once checked if I was asleep, and I was too tired to answer cause I didn't want her talking my ear off. Then she started masturbating and that was awkward. FML


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What bull crap is that... or MAYBE she's considerate so didn't want to make a smell if he was awake. That's far more likely to me. And the fact she giggles shows she didnt feel uncomfortable, surely...

How could you not respond? If you had said yes, you could have had some sweet nighttime sex! With bad breath...and stinky farts... On second thought, you did the right thing, my friend.


LIES! Women don't fart, poop, or sweat! That's is why guys send pictures of heart shaped shit, so that you know what it actually looks like. Yes, whenever a guy is in love, it comes out shaped like hearts, and they say guys can't be romantic. I don't know where everyonelovesboners is today but don't worry, bro, I got your back.

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