By anonymous - / Wednesday 27 March 2013 23:55 / United States - Honolulu
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  maronofhearts  |  19

Well he's definitely gunna need car insurance now, a baseball bat related incident is sure to strangely occur.
Anyway full coverage gets most guys off if you know what I mean


Well, she's a guy. So.....

By  Jharrist89  |  12

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  gman90210  |  18

Your dumb


"Yeah, well she should, because she's a guy." :)


I don't see why I got so many negative votes for merely continuing the quote from the commercial, when both other people got thumbs up. Lol. Oh well. It's still funny! :)


lol. I better make sure I do my homework before I post then. Lol. :D

By  LovesSushi  |  25

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  LovesSushi  |  25

He could have even called a phone sex line. Maybe he has an addiction that needs addressed. Im just saying that if she wants to save her marriage, at least she won't be rising about stds or imagining him actually having sex with another woman

  Jechtael  |  10

My ex was an Allstate girl. Unfortunately for her, the deep voice did it for me ; )

OP: Either you've got a cheater with a great sense of humor, a husband with a disturbing relationship with his insurance, or a great sense of humor and possibly no husband at all. Whatever the case, favorited!

  tgod2013  |  5

Blue shirt and beige khakis .. Duh

By  xr0517  |  10

call back and try if it makes him 'hard'

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