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If you find out how many watts per hour, you can use electricity calculators. One way I've done it was for school. You can use Microsoft Excel with the correct formula. *hint: every formula starts with a =* Then you can use a calculator to find out how many hours in a year, use the formula. Bada bing!


Shag vs Shank, that could be an embarrassing mistake. boss: *so, did you shank that guy like I asked you?* hitman:*shank? Damn, I was wondering why he was enjoying it so much*

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No, but I know people who charge their phones elsewhere if they pay utilities. A friend of mine would bring his phone to lecture halls and use a plug meant for laptops, even if the phone was never turned "on", just to save a little on electricity.


21, sure looks like you're "dumbz". If you need a phone at work, they'll supply it. You don't need your personal phone at work. If you knew how to spell, you could get a job and realize that yourself. Idiot.


@27 Actually, my husband does use his personal phone at work, and in exchange, they pay him a little more than they would have to cover the cell bill. Never say never.

I'm not at all sure she can legally dock your pay for that. Fire you, perhaps, if there's something in employee policy about it... Before she comes up with a number, be prepared with some facts - power draw of the charger X time in use X her electric utility rate... I'll bet it comes out to less than a penny. Keep one or two in your pocket to hand her.

A charger uses maybe 5W, and almost 0W when not charging. Assuming it takes 2h to charge the phone, that's 0.01 kWh of energy, which costs about a tenth of a US cent.

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