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Sounds dreary. However, you'd still hate working there even with some light, some hot water, and a cordless phone. At least in the darkness you won't see what a rubbish-hole you're working in, so that should alleviate at least a little of the misery. Well, maybe not. Life. Don't talk to me about life.


I'm not a grammar-Nazi or anything but its WROTE!! WROTE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Plus not to mention your poor sentence lay-out. My god.. It's almost un-refutable common knowledge.

This is why we have bad working conditions, and bad customer service- there are incentives for bad business as long as it's cheap business. It's do your job badly or get fired.

"Hot water heater" is redundant. That is, unless you mean a device that heats water that's already hot. I hope he keeps you working in the dark forever; you would be de-lighted!

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