By ricksterile / Saturday 29 October 2011 00:44 / United States
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YDI. One for calling all the other people idiots like a judgemental twat, and two for attempting to jump over a dodgeball. If it is coming at you, unless it's low, you don't jump. Especially if it's ball sack high WHILE you're jumping, you can't jump over that shit. Dodge to the side.


Are they still playing dodgeball in middle and high schools? I hated that. Middle school dodge ball was humiliating even if you were good at it... luckily when I was in high school we never played it.

Maybe instead of jumping around like you're a ballerina , you should be trying to take the other team out. You may think that you're a total badass jumping and dodging, but you're just exposing your snowglobes more.

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