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"Today, a teacher convinced me to play baseball. He then started to hit me in the crotch and head with the ball. Now I can't pee without it hurting. FML"


How hard is it to miss? and the student should have grabbed the ball. In highschool I got hit several times and it's because I didn't go to grab the ball, I knew the other person didn't mean it. I guess it depends how the student sees it, if he doesn't like you he'll think you did it on purpose maybe and if not then he'll just get over it and not want to play ball again.


If its a teacher playing ball with a student its not likely to be a high school. It was probably some poor 1st grader or something, which is why OP feels so bad.


That was hilarious 19. I just cracked up in my calculus class, I couldn't help myself. Now my teacher thinks I find vectors hilarious.

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