By Poorman - / Sunday 11 December 2011 01:03 / United Kingdom
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  Ionodemon1995  |  0

But it might be Michael Jackson, so if then, suck his dick whilst acting like an 8 year old.

  MuziKMajoR  |  5

Tell him or her "hail to my balls mother fuker"

By  TitaniaSilk  |  4

So do what he suggested! Just suck it up!

  lysx84  |  24

Apologies for ignorance here, what is an "at will state"? OP is in the UK, can I go right ahead an assume the post above is idiotic and irrelevant?

  bamagrl410  |  31

142 - Usually before an x-ray you're asked to remove metal from the area being x-rayed. That would include a cock ring, so I'm not so sure that's what that is.

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